Mind The Music Episode 009 - How to change your negative mindset in music and get instant clarity.

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It is known that independent music-makers struggle with negative emotions related to their music making, especially younger artists. In fact, according to the 73percent (a 2019 survey conducted by Record Union) four out of five (80%) among the respondents in the age of 18-25 said that they have experienced negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and/or depression in relation to their music creation.

For my guests in this episode and for many of the people I work with in my coaching practice, it sounds a little something like this:

  • confusion about where their music (career) is going,

  • easily feeling attacked/criticised about their music,

  • comparing themselves to others,

  • not feeling safe when things go bad in front of the DJ booth,

  • regularly engaging in negative self-talk (about skills, your music or just themselves as a person),

  • difficulty to remain confident and assertive in social situations, networking.

My first guest Polar Youth dives into the comparison hangover and social anxiety she sometimes experiences when it comes to networking. My second guest NikNak wears many hats - both as a producer and a DJ. She explores the issue of feeling pigeonholed and shares a memorable panic attack that turned out to be a focal point in raising her awareness when it comes to putting her well-being first.

On this episode, I coach them through a few avenues on how they can change your mindset to get instant clarity to help them move forward right away.

Gaining clarity is not about getting what you want right away, it’s about understanding what is needed in order to move forward.

I'm planting a few seeds to initiate this change by getting them to think about the following questions and ideas:

What is really happening? What do I see, what do I hear, what is being said, word for word - not what you think people say!

What exactly is the problem? What is it about this situation that I’m experiencing as a problem? 

What do I need?

What do I want? What is necessary for me and all the people involved in order to solve this?

Listen to the full episode to hear me talk through how to change your mindset to get instant clarity so that you can move forward.

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