Personal coaching for
DJs and producers.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you take yourself with you.

Every artist is more than just a sum of their parts and wants to lead a happy, wholesome life. To find balance, you need to put your well-being first.

Do you ever feel like you need a drink (or two) to take the edge off right before a set?
Do you ever feel like you’re hopping from one gig to another and that you’re being lived?

The Unicorn Mothership provides a safe space so that you can gain insight in your most important life areas on your own terms. You’ll get help to figure out how content you are with the level you've reached in each area
so that you can understand how it influences your music and vice versa.

Once you’re able to form a vision for your life’s story, you’ll find balance both in music and in (night)life!

You can also

... gain more confidence in your craft so that you can be happy with the results.
... detect your limiting beliefs so that you can release your creative blocks and move forward with your work.
… learn to hold yourself accountable so that you can properly assess opportunities that come your way and make them fit into your future plans.
... understand what impact you want to have on your scene so that getting noticed does not depend on just dumb luck.
All of this is made easy thanks to a practical, DIY self-help approach.

It’s all about discovering the smallest intervention that can bring about the biggest change!

And, you don’t have to do it alone. You deserve that level of support and you are entitled to it. You'll find all of that, and more, here.

Hop on board, all sorts of creatures welcome!

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Is anxiety affecting your performance in music?

You can benefit enormously from having your own DIY tools at your disposal. And that's what this webinar is for. You can learn to build your own self-help toolbox that you can dig into anytime, anywhere.

During this webinar you will learn to:

  • Understand where the anxiety comes from so you can recognize the triggers. Knowledge is power!

  • Detect which beliefs are holding you back so you can take actions with effect.

  • Build confidence in your skills and produce results you can be happy with.

All it takes is 1 hour of your time to learn 3 easy techniques that you can put to good use anytime anywhere!

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Your past learning must have taught you the wrong things, simply because it has not made you happy. On this basis alone its value should be questioned. If learning aims at change, and that is always its purpose, are you satisfied with the changes your learning has brought you? Dissatisfaction with learning outcomes is a sign of learning failure, since it means that you did not get what you wanted. The curriculum of the Atonement is the opposite of the curriculum you have established for yourself, but so is its outcome. If the outcome of yours has made you unhappy, and if you want a different one, a change in the curriculum is obviously necessary.

Do you want to learn new ways of changing your life and your music so that you can be happy with the results AND make more conscious choices for the future?

Your captain helps you achieve that by offering you a change in curriculum: certified personal and transpersonal coaching, infused with a fascination for trans-media storytelling, backed up by a training in “A Course In Miracles” and traditional witchcraft - yes, you read that right.

Practically, this means:

  • discovering your most important values and life areas - private life, family life and spiritual beliefs,

  • learning to stay grounded and focused through easy meditation and visualization exercises,

  • understanding your creative blocks through focused and specific questions,

  • setting goals in your personal development plan with easy-to-use templates,

  • changing the way you perceive your world, because changing your mind totally changes your life.

  • and so much more!

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The Unicorn Mothership Founder

Let's talk pressure!

Are you afraid you’re not good enough? Are you not sure why you are making music? Are you experiencing a creative block and don't know why? Are you not able to balance your music career and your life in general?
Shaping a vision for our lives and career in music is a lot of pressure to handle.
I understand where you're coming from!


Discover how this ship works

Find out about your captain's 10 commandments, methods and service packages!

  • Read all about how holistic (personal and transpersonal) coaching can change your life and your music. The 10 commandments.

  • Book your FREE discovery call to discuss what your captain can do for YOU. It only takes 30 minutes! Sparkles optional.

  • Choose a service package that works for you. Add-ons available. The smallest intervention will bring the biggest change! Let's make you shine!


Here’s what one of my passengers had to say…

I was looking to find balance and rhythm in my music-making process. I enjoyed the way you integrate guided mediations into the practice of becoming more confident in my abilities. It’s helped me to incorporate more grounding practices prior to making music.
I appreciate your wisdom, patience and willingness to understand my particular needs as a musician. It is helpful to have a guide and someone who understands the particular pressures of the music industry.
— Dyani Douze, DJ/Producer

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