Transmedia storytelling, marketing and holistic coaching
for the music & startup industry.


We believe everyone wants to tell their story and sometimes we need help to find our voice. Stemming from the core belief that everyone wants to lead a happy, meaningful and full life, we put your well-being first by helping you build resilience, confidence and create a safe space in which you can thrive, both in business and in life. And according to us, your business is a part of your life. Are you seeking support to realize your personal and/or professional goals? Here you'll discover how we can help you give you a push in YOUR direction! And so much more. First consultation/coaching intake is free! Welcome aboard our ship.


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We curate the music that fits your needs.
All you need to do is sit back, let your hindquarters rest, and let the music shine.

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We create your story through transmedia storytelling, marketing strategy and implementation, copywriting, content creation & website management.
With sparkles.

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We provide holistic (certified) coaching for DJs, producers and professionals in the music & startup industry, in all walks of life.
Love and friendship!

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I’m sure her positive attitude and determination can convince anyone.
— Jonas Lion, Red Bull Elektropdia


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