Are you afraid nobody will listen?

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How important is it for you that people listen to your mixes? Are you looking for recognition and respect for your craft? Are you afraid nobody will listen to your DJ sets?
You may not be happy about the number of plays your sets are getting on Mixcloud or Soundcloud. You may be continuously looking for ways to promote your mixes. Maybe you're feeling insecure, you’ve Googled a bit and have seen things like “6 ways to get heard on Mixcloud”, “Why you shouldn’t put your DJ mixes on Soundcloud”, “How to get people to listen to your mixes?” pop up, but it didn't get rid of that nagging feeling inside?

In this article, we’ll give you some insight on why it’s so important to be heard. And, we’re also providing a few practical tips on what you can do about it.

Measuring success: Are you good enough?

Why do you want to be heard? How important is what other people think of your sets?
What are your expectations in terms of plays online or attendance offline?
You invest time and effort into your sets, and many of your fans/followers only listen to parts of them. Or not at all. Listening to a set is more time-consuming than looking at a photo for example. You expect more from a listener. On top of that, that little voice in your head may be whispering, or screaming, “Am I good enough?”


“Am I good enough?”
That question can make you feel anxious…

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You’ll probably measure the success of your set by looking at numbers: the number of plays online, the number of people on the dance floor, the number of followers/fans.
Perhaps you’re looking at how much feedback or criticism you’re receiving. That criticism, constructive or negative, is a great measuring tool. Not for your DJ skills per se, but to build resilience so you can observe and evaluate this feedback without harming your self-esteem. Only then are you able to learn and improve.

Even though they are not a reflection of your skills, these numbers are valuable, but there’s another number that’s equally as important, if not more: the number of people who support you, your tribe.

Your vibe attracts your tribe: the power of a supportive network

Besides contemplating why it’s so important to you to be heard, there’s another interesting question to think about: What are you doing to enhance the experience of music for your fans and to contribute value the scene you’re active in? More importantly, WHY are you doing it? What’s your motivation to play and make it an unforgettable/enjoyable/fun experience?

Having a clear vision will help you align with the right people quickly. With the right people we mean, people who understand your message because they have similar interests and goals. Your vibe attracts your tribe. You’ll feel better when you’re surrounded by people who get you, right? You can all collaborate on a common interest and celebrate the successes together. If something goes wrong, you can support each other, learn from it and work together to improve. Carefully building these relationships and having a supportive network gives you a sense of belonging. Your tribe can hold you accountable for the goals you’ve set for yourself so you can stay focused and motivated. Having people around you who can give you advice and referrals will also help you advance your career. You deserve that level of support and you are entitled to a safe environment in which you can grow your skills and thrive.

Be the ambassador of your own passion

Let’s get real here. If you’re a social, outgoing, dare we say, popular person - as in, supported by many people, you’re likely to grow a solid fan base quite fast. Reach out to your friends and followers to come to support you at your DJ gigs. Hell, fill the dance floor with them as much as you can! Interact with them on social media. Have them invite their friends and anyone who’d enjoy your sets to follow and support you. Be the ambassador of your own passion. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself, even if you have someone doing that for you. Fans like that direct connection, your friends love to support you and bookers, agents, promoters obviously like it when you fill their party or social space with numbers.

Your sets are your business card

A DJ can be very adaptable and some of you play differently depending on the venue, situation, public, vibe in general. Sometimes, that's just what's expected of a DJ.
Others prefer to stick to a certain genre and style and have more of a ‘take it or leave it’-approach to their DJ sets. Whether or not you’ll be booked for a gig depends on a lot of variables like the expectations of the promoter, type of party, the genre of music the promoter wants, the vibe of the public, current trends, your ability and/or willingness to adapt to various environments, consistency in your sets, technical skills, and so on. And of course, we didn’t even mention budget, booking fee, technical rider, and other resources and circumstances yet.

In any case, no matter what your approach to your sets is, fans and the people booking you are looking for reliability. Knowing that you’ll deliver what they expect based on what they know of you and your sets. Whether they know you as a DJ who’s versatile and will always surprise them, or as a DJ who’s consistent and knowledgeable in one genre, you’re taking yourself with you everywhere you go and in everything you do. Your sets are your business card. That business card demonstrates what you value and your values are the essence of that you wish to achieve. Moreover, your sets illustrate who you are as a DJ and as a human being at this moment in time. And remember, every next level in your life and career require an updated version of you.

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Surrounding yourself with people who can give you advice and referrals will also help you advance your career. You deserve that level of support and you are entitled to a safe environment in which you can grow your skills and thrive.
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