Are you an attention addict?

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Once upon a time there was a young unicorn foal who dreamt of performing and touring the universe. When she came into her teens, she joined a band. Every time she got on a stage, even though she had the sparkling jitters and was afraid nobody would show up, she loved how it felt - all warm and magical on the insides. She couldn’t wait for the next gig. Even though it was difficult for her to admit, she really loved the attention and appreciation she received. The feeling of being able to share her work with others and see the impact it had, was indescribable. Sound familiar?

If you feel exhilarated after a set and can’t wait for the next one, if you can’t get enough of it and want more and more, does that make you - dare we use the shaming cliché - an “attention whore”?

Are you addicted to attention? Fame?

This all depends on how you perceive attention and fame. And it can be interesting to look at what you learned about attention in your upbringing and education. If you think back, can you remember the moment you told your parents about your dream to pursue a DJ career? How did they react? And what’s their idea of being a DJ?

“I’ve said this a lot and I’ll keep saying it until the day comes, but one day, I’m going to be the mother of a famous DJ.”

That’s what it sounds like in my boyfriend’s household. Every time I hear my my mother-mare-in-law say that, it makes me cringe.

How is it that people have this idea of DJs and fame, like being a DJ and being famous, are inseparable?

And if fame is not what you want, then there must be something wrong with you, right?

Even though the effects of this lifestyle have been extensively demonstrated in documentaries like “Why We DJ - Slaves To The Rhythm”, and more shockingly, Avicii’s passing and his decision to step away from touring due to his struggle with fame, anxiety and mental health issues 2 years prior, there’s still this unrealistic allure to the DJ lifestyle. However, it is crystal clear that being a worldwide star is not as easy as it looks on Instagram.

Having a career in music comes with a sh*tload of pressures, anxieties and fears - fear that nobody will listen, loneliness, difficulties to balance your life and your music career, anxiety about staying relevant, fear nobody will show up for your set, performance anxiety, and so on.

And you don’t have to deal with all these pressures alone! Find out how the smallest intervention can have the biggest impact on your life and your music. Book in your FREE call to discover how we can get you there.

Your ego produces a sense of separation.

This feeling of separation manifests itself in fear, anxiety, judgement, lack, competition, guilt, loneliness. If you look at it from an evolutionary point of view, it’s quite logical that this happens. How else are we as a biological beings supposed to survive all the dangers presented to us on a daily basis?

By giving into your fears, your ego keeps you locked away in your bubble, separated from the present. You limit yourself from moving forward because you don’t believe that you can, which can block creativity, damage self-confidence, throw you out of balance.

Having a career in music isn’t all that glamorous and requires resilience. So why do it?

Among other things, performing for a crowd, no matter how big or small, is a moment to really connect with your fans. It evokes a sense of belonging, one of the basic human needs, and it may be why you’re in music to begin with.

These are moments of remembering what it’s like to be in unity. And we all want to get back to unity.

Even legends like Bob Marley have expressed their vision on unity: We are one. One love. One heart. Buddha called it enlightenment.

So how do you return to unity? How do you detect your limiting beliefs and cope with feelings of separation - fear, anxiety, judgement, lack, competition, guilt, loneliness?  

Getting back to unity is a lot easier than you think!

Personal and transpersonal coaching is the answer here! And guess what? That’s exactly what your captain is offering, how convenient nay?

Through the process of Self-Integration you will learn to come clean with fear, lack and anxiety. Once you’ve learned this unique self-help method, you will be able to effectively part ways with certain situations that didn’t feel good and make sure that the energy you invested in those situation, becomes available to you again, so that you can feel enthusiastic and motivated again.

You can also
... gain more confidence in your craft so that you can be happy with the results.
... detect your limiting beliefs so that you can release your creative blocks and move forward with your work.
... understand what impact you want to have on your scene so that getting noticed does not depend on just dumb luck.

With the smallest intervention, you can achieve all this, and more.

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Eline Van Audenaerde