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We believe music heals and is a universal language. We are passionate about it and we know the music industry is a highly competitive, high-pressured, rapidly changing, incredibly diverse and exciting environment. We’ve been exploring this world for over a decade and gained experience in different areas within the music business and cross-sector - like the events industry, startup industry and even the corporate world. We have carefully built up a wide network of music industry people across all verticals that we can tap into for support and referrals.


We believe everyone wants to share their story and inspire others. We help you express your "why" in a clear way so that your fans and and the music industry professionals can relate to it. Whether you’re a beginning artist who doesn’t know how to tell your personal story, or an artist who’s seeking new milky ways or a music industry professional looking for a fresh perspective on their career or business, we consult on getting your story out there through our background in transmedia storytelling and marketing, and help you tell your story across multiple platforms. From this perspective you allow your story to be created and recreated through you and your community.


We believe that highly competitive environments like the music industry - and cross-sector, need support systems for mental health issues and safe spaces for personal and creative development. We provide holistic (certified) coaching for DJs, producers and professionals in the music industry. We put your well-being first and help you build more confidence, self-esteem, resilience and strength so you can live a full life. We guide you in all walks of life, within the "PAVA" framework. By asking focused and specific questions and through visualization techniques, we help you to go back to your core as a person, to what you find essential in life, and your personal goals, values and missions, plural!

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