Change Your Mind(set)


Change Your Mind(set)

A 4-step method

to gain clarity

in a matter of minutes.

Gaining clarity is not about getting what you want right away, it’s about understanding what is needed in order to move forward.
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Why I created a workshop around gaining clarity?

As a holistic coach, I help artists create a healthy mindstyle in music so that they can consciously put their well-being first and face the negative feelings related to their music-making head on.

I focus a lot of my work on accountability and changing your perspective. Because, I’ve learned from personal experience - overcoming violence, abuse and severe drepression, that what you can’t control, you can choose to see differently and that will give you peace of mind. It’s feels good to have peace of mind and knowing what to do next, so that you can choose the best course of action for yourself and others involved moving forward.

In workshops like these, I can demonstrate how this tool works irl and bring immediate, long-lasting change so that the participants can continue using it at their own pace. Instant transformation is the secret sauce here.


Not knowing what's going on sucks.

Not knowing what to do about it sucks even more.

Sometimes you literally can't see the solution, while it's actually right in front of you.

You want to take back control over your own thoughts, feelings and decisions so that you can move forward with your music(-making) and set yourself up for success.

And, you can do so by learning this easy, actionable 4-step method to gain clarity in a matter of minutes.

It all happens in a 1-hour workshop to learn an actionable tool that allows you to change your mindset in a matter of minutes. Literally. You’ll never think or perceive your world the same way again after you learn this 4-step method.

A tool that …

  • … breaks through blocks and brings you instant clarity,

  • … helps you evaluate circumstances related to any given situation, person, or feelings so that you can clearly understand what’s going on,

  • … enables you to make the best decision for you and everyone involved so that you can move forward in a positive way,

  • … holds you accountable for your own feelings, attitudes, perspectives and actions so that you can feel in control and feel empowered.

You can do all that in a matter of minutes. And you don’t have to spend countless hours fretting over how you can turn that frown upside down.

No more …

  • … getting stuck in conversations,

  • … getting defensive and blaming others,

  • … getting confused about your own unconscious reactions, feelings,

  • … reacting without thinking or understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing,

  • … getting stuck in an endless loop of worry and negative self-talk,

  • … not knowing what to do to feel better or to move forward,

  • … stressing about anything and everything.

This can save you 4 years and 11 months of your life - approximately. (Just count how many hours you spend obsessing over things and you’ll get the idea.)

Who is it for?

If the one or more of the below sounds familiar, then this is for you!

  • Confused about where your (music) (career) is going,

  • Easily feeling attacked/criticised about your music/work,

  • Comparing yourself to others,

  • Needing validation or confirmation from others to feel like you are or your work is good enough,

  • Regularly engaging in negative self-talk (about your skills, your music or just yourself in general),

  • Difficulty to remain confident and assertive in social situations, networking,

  • Feeling stressed out, often on a daily basis.

Creating a healthy mindstyle and putting your well-being first is a vital component to enjoy a sustainable career. And it all starts with your mindset. So, let me help you change your mind and move forward in music, and in life.

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If you’re ready to learn an easy, 4-step trick that can bring you clarity in a matter of minutes or less, then put you name on the waitlist below.

It only takes 1 hour to learn and then you’re set for life! So drop your name and email below and get ready to change your thinking forever. (that’s a fact, not a promise)

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