Our Projects

We've launched specific projects as part of our universe.

The Wrong Lane

Radio and curation

"When everything is coming your way, you are in The Wrong Lane."

Started as the brainchild of host and producer Eline Van Audenaerde in 2013, the show takes you on a road trip through the UK scene, mainly testing out UK garage, grime and bass lines and bringing this back to Belgium. The Homegrown section adds something Belgian to the playlist, forming a bridge between the UK and Belgium.


Coaching Community

Peacocks are colorful birds and live in musters. That explains that.

Are you new to coaching? Are you looking for a diverse, colorful network to support you? Do you want to provide an even better service by referring a client to another professional? Join our global community of coaches and health care professionals to share ideas, develop skills through collaborative analysis and build a strong network.