Mind The Music Episode 010 - How to build a following through strong relationships

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As DJ/producer, your following, your audience - both online and off, means everything. Without them, you don’t have a career, or at the very least, it may remain limited to your bedroom.

A question many of you out there ask is: how do I build a following?

Who better to help you out than a marketing coach who focuses on helping her clients find their dream clients, consistently.

I’m not in the business of marketing, I’m in the business of relationships.
— Michelle Vroom

Michelle Vroom is the founder of Vroom Communications, mom of 2 boys and an entrepreneur with heart. I worked with her to overcome some of the biggest hurdles I experienced in my marketing and she is without a doubt one of my favourite coaches out there. She has taught me so much and I just had to give you the opportunity to benefit from her golden wisdom.

Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity for me to demonstrate that I practice what I preach. It wouldn’t make sense for me to underline the importance of investing in coaching support if I don’t get any myself. And that’s one of the many things Michelle taught me - don’t be a hypocrite like that (jokes).

Mind The Music explores artist well-being from a holistic viewpoint through interviews with people in different types of roles both within and outside the music industry. In this episode, I’m taking you way beyond the music industry and encourage you to get creative and think outside the box!

This episode is definitely for you if you are:

  • confused about how to build an audience,

  • still convinced that you’ll make something and then magic will happen,

  • oblivious about the importance of building relationships, networking or even how to network,

Especially for artists starting out - the ones who don’t have representation yet, someone to help them build an audience, but even for more established artists it’s good to be savvy about how to create and maintain their following.
— Eline

We touch upon having the power of having faith and Michelle’s strong relationship with God. Plus she shares an incredible tool that she uses when things get sluggish and she’s not feeling energetic and on fire. Coincidentally, it is a type of visualisation exercise that I extensively use throughout all of my 1:1 coaching sessions with my clients so that they can understand that they have the power to literally see into their future. You’ll definitely want to discover what that's all about!

Michelle also talks about:

  • why building relationships is so important in order to build and maintain the success and longevity of your career,

  • her practical approach on to how to build an audience,

  • why you shouldn’t rely on word-of-mouth alone - especially in the online world,

  • easy tips for networking even if the fear is getting to you. 

Most of all, she encourages you to let go of the pressure and let go of the desire to have control. Just relax and have fun!

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