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A holistic exploration of artist well-being in electronic music.

This radio show explores artist well-being in electronic music from a holistic viewpoint.

In a series of exclusive interviews with artists and people with active roles both inside the music industry and on the outskirts of it, Eline shares with you her devotion to artist well-being and how we can provide support for artists in electronic music. The music is handpicked for each show by the guests themselves for an extra personal, mindful experience.  

This show runs monthly on Reform Radio, Manchester. Join in live at reformradio.co.uk or listen back online!

Warning! The jingle contains binaural beats for brainwave entrainment, which only has an effect when using headphones. It is played at the beginning of the show, lasting about 45 seconds. If you’re prone to seizures, it may be best not to listen to the jingle through headphones or skip it altogether.

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