How it works

#TUM 10 commandments.

1. Mental health in the music industry is a real problem: 73% says they have experienced negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and/or depression.



The pilot survey of Help Musicians UK (2016) illustrates that the problem is real. The most striking finding was that irrespective of genre, musicians in the UK are suffering from anxiety and depression in huge numbers. 71.1% of all respondents admitted to having suffered from panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety, and 68.5% suggested they had suffered from depression.

One of the most recent reports on mental health in the music industry by Record Union published in April 2018 shows even more disheartening numbers.

More than seven out of ten (73%) independent music makers said that they have experienced negative emotions such as stress, anxiety and/or depression in relation to their music creation. Out of those, as many as one out of three (33%) said that they have experienced panic attacks.

Only one out of five (19%) said that they think the music industry is working to create a sustainable climate with healthy artists.

2. Use the power of your subconscious in the NOW

Through personal and transpersonal coaching you learn to unearth what is happening on a subconscious level and bring it to the NOW, your every day, conscious life by gaining insight in what you think, feel and do, so that it's actually useful to you.

By being presented with specific questions, you will go back to your core as a person, you will understand your most important life areas at this moment in your life so that you understand how they influence each other and so that you can appreciate all you've learned so far and make good use of those life lessons right NOW.
You’ll go back to what is essential to you NOW so that you'll make more conscious choices for your future.

(Notice how much “NOW” is mentioned here, yes, it’s a common theme)

3. Find your purpose in music and in life

Coaching helps you discover WHY you are doing what you’re doing so that you can
...  envision your story (in music and in life) - making conscious choices and creating opportunities for yourself will come easy,
... understand what impact you want to have on your scene - getting noticed does not have to depend on just dumb luck,
... become more confident in your craft - embrace your values and and become more resilient to reach your personal goals.

4. Work within a one-of-a-kind coaching framework

You'll work within the “PAVA” framework, a unique worldview developed by Joost Vanhove over the course of 25 years and designed to raise your level of awareness in every aspect of your life, including your music, step-by-step and across 4 main pillars, “Perception”, “Acceptance”, “Vision” and “Action”.

5. Take your personal power back and DIY

The smallest intervention will bring the biggest change!
You will be presented with focused, specific questions, meditation and visualization techniques, and even active exercises and homework to help you achieve whatever you want.
And, you can easily apply the techniques you’ve learned at home and on tour. Everything you learn, you’ll be able to do yourself! You’ll empower yourself by helping yourself.

Changing your way of thinking will change your life!

(Don’t worry, it’ll be fun!)

GroundingMeditation V3(1).png

You can get a little taste with this free grounding meditation called 'Ready, Steady, Roots!'. It will help you deal with anxiety in the DJ booth, stay focused in the studio, or just overall find your calm whenever, wherever in only 10 minutes!
You can even do it in a toilet stall :)

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BONUS ALERT! The music was specifically produced for this meditation by Harted.


6. Your motivation and your accountability determine the results

Everything will depend on how motivated you are to put in the work. (No pressure!). The results will be determined by how much you put into it. You do this for you after all. Your captain will hold you accountable.
Just know that you deserve that level of support, you deserve a partner who can safely and securely guide you on this journey. You are so worth it!
And remember! YOU decide where you want to go, The Ship is simply your vessel to get you there.

7. You only get trialled-and-tested excercises  

Your captain walks her talk.
You won’t ever have to do anything that she hasn’t thoroughly tested herself! She is all about putting solid experience into action, so if she hasn’t investigated and tried it herself, it won’t be part of the program.

8. This is not for everybody

Your captain is just one person - eh - unicorn. This means she can not service everybody and this work is not for everybody.

- You value inclusion, positivity and respect.
- You are looking to open up your mind to (more) self-awareness and you already have a good understanding of what that means.
- You’re willing to put in the work and work hard, every day.
- You understand that personal and transpersonal coaching at this Ship is about building your mindstyle. This is NOT a one-way ticket to stardom (or career coaching).
- You are 100% ready to invest your precious resources in yourself: your time, your money and your energy.
- You understand that you need to invest in yourself in order to make change happen. It’s not going to happen on its own.
- Just like your captain, you don't like the following -isms: racism, sexism, ageism, or any other -ism that stems from bigotry.

If this doesn’t sound like you, no worries. Just move along, nothing to see here.

9. Value for value - you get what you give

This Ship needs fuel to keep flying and food to keep the captain fed and fierce. So yes, your captain markets paid coaching service packages in order to make this happen, just like any company would. It also allows your captain to give away a lot of free stuff, bonuses, discounts, maintain a coaching community and do everything I humanly can to make mental health support more accessible to people who have less resources. That’s why this is a for-profit business.
Giving back to people who have less resources is extremely important to your captain - she knows and honours where she’s coming from and wants to provide support in areas where she didn’t have them when she needed them the most.

There are different premium services to choose from. Some are more focused on indepence and flexibility, others offer very close, '“holding your hand all the way” support.
It’s important that you can work out which one is best for you, so you can fully experience the value of your investment.

10. You’ll know exactly what will happen, before it happens

This means we will manage expectations before we start, so that you know exactly how you’ll feel after our work together is done.
PS. I promise you, you’ll still be pleasantly surprised afterwards! My previous passengers can attest to that!