The Unicorn Mothership
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Create and sustain
a healthy mindstyle in music
so you can consciously put
your well-being

*and face the negative effects of being active in electronic music head on.


Music Mindstyle

n. the empowered way in which you consistently choose to perceive your world and the emotional, mental, favourable, conscious attitudes* and mindful habits you accumulate to support you in shaping your career in music and your life accordingly, every single day. (*with glitter)


Hi, I’m Eline!

I’m the captain of this Ship, and a holistic coach, speaker and entrepreneur.

I’m an artist well-being and empowerment evangelist dedicated to helping you create a healthy, positive and self-empowering mindstyle in the music industry.

Welcome to my world!


My why, what and how in a candid conversation.


Hop onboard #TUM

This is a brave space where it’s safe to get vulnerable and be yourself. Here, you have someone by your side to guide you, to keep you motivated and to hold you accountable.

Afterwards you’ll …

… feel in control, go in acceptance and let go of bad habits that don’t serve you.

… feel uplifted and motivated to face things head on with a much clearer mind.

… have the confidence to say, ‘I can totally handle this!’

… be able to understand the way you think.

… get clear on what you need to do and execute your vision through actions WITH effect.

… learn new habits and find stuff that sticks with you, the changes and transformation will be completely sustainable and long-lasting.

All you need to do, is find the smallest change that can have the biggest effect on your music career and your life.

There’s loads of stuff on this site that can help you. Let’s figure it out together.

Get Started


Learn to cope with anxiety in music in just 15 minutes!

‘Ready, Steady, Roots!’ is an easy and fun guided meditation designed to help you stay grounded and focused. It is a great tool to cope with anxiety so that you can enjoy your performance even more, to stay focused in the studio and finish your tracks, and just generally help you to find your calm whenever, wherever - in the studio, in the DJ booth, backstage, on the road or at home.

All it takes is 15 minutes. And, you can even do it in a toilet stall!

Get inspired by others on the topic of artist well-being.

This radio show explores artist well-being in electronic music from a holistic viewpoint, through a series of exclusive interviews with artists and music industry people.

The music is handpicked for each show by the guests themselves for an extra personal, mindful experience.  

A hedonistic, irregular lifestyle in electronic music can have
a “killer” effect on your well-being


See if you can relate to one (or more)…

  • You need a drink (or two) to take the edge off right before a set.

  • You’re gigging so much that it’s having an effect on your relationship(s). You’re becoming less thoughtful towards your loved ones.

  • You think your technical skills are not good enough, so you don’t let other people listen to your work until it has reached “that” level.

  • You’re struggling to find balance between your day job, your music career and paying the bills. You’d like to find more/better/paid gigs.

There are different ways to create a healthy, self-empowering mindstyle in this hedonistic industry.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It all depends on what type of support fits you best.

The Unicorn Mothership 1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

You like a personal, customised approach and someone who helps you to dig deep within a preset time period. You need closer guidance to help you to create your own mindstyle. After that, you’ve got all the self-help tools you need to fly solo and feel more equipped to make conscious decisions for your life and your career.

The Peacock Muster Coaching Community

Community Support

You like an independent approach to self-help and you like to surround yourself with others.
Join a colourful coaching community with lifetime access to a bunch of free resources to learn at your own pace and with the support of humans who are in the same boat, or shall I say, on the same Ship?

Music Mindstyle Training Program.jpg

Training Program

The Music Mindstyle Training Program is an online 8-week holistic training program centered around artist well-being with workshops, online classes, guest lectures and a mentoring scheme that helps reshape the future of the music industry as a purpose-driven for-profit industry that values diversity, equality and inclusion.

“I think it’s time to demonstrate the full power of this station.”

(Yeah, that’s a Star Wars reference.)

Here’s what some of my passengers had to say.