Coaching Coffee Date

Coaching Coffee Date


If you’re in London August 12th - 15th or London-based and available on one of those dates, then this is a great opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to work with me.

A Coaching Coffee Date is perfect for first-time customers and for people who feel that they have a hard time affording access to mental health support.

What you’ll get:
- a 45-minute coaching sesh,
- 1 personalised, actionable tool that you’ll be able to put to good use right away,
- a coffee on me ;-)

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I'm offering this because I never want finances to be a barrier to empowering DJs and producers to get the support they need. Please don't hesitate to reach out if this is you, or someone you know! Too many people still lack reliable support and unfortunately stay stuck in isolation or start self-medicating to solve their pain. We can avoid that together. And while I’m in London, I want to take advantage of my time there to meet up with you and be of service.

So, if you’re in London August 12th - 15th and available, I hope to meet you for a coaching coffee date. Book it now!

What happens after you book?
1. You’ll get a confirmation email. if you didn’t get a confirmation, please hit me up so I can verify your payment and confirm.
2. After you payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with a link to my calendar so that you can lock in a timing for you session on your chosen date.
3. Make sure you save the date and time of your coaching coffee date on your calendar.
4. 2 weeks before your session, I’ll send you an email with 3 things:
- Instructions on how to prep
for your session, so that you can get the most out of it! Don’t worry, it won’t be overly complicated.
- Confirmation of the location of our date.
- My cellphone number so that you can reach me in case needed.
5. During your session, we’ll just sit down together for a cup of coffee and discuss what you’ve prepared in great detail. You’ll be surprised how much we can cover in just 45 minutes. You’ll also get at least 1 personalised, actionable tool that you can start to put to good use right away.
6. After your session, I’ll follow-up with 1 email just to remind you how to use your personalised, actionable tool and perhaps I’ll surprise you with a few extra resources here or there, you’ll see.

More questions?
Give me a shout! I don’t bite, I promise. Email:

Do you still feel like you can’t afford if for just 30 euro? (that’s less £25 fyi)?
Well, think about your “latte factor” and decide what you want to invest in the most: a latte every day for 10 days (assuming the average price of £2,5 for a latte in London), or less than £25 for an empowering,  45-minute coaching sesh that’ll give at least 1 actionable tool that you’ll be able to put to good use right away and for the rest of your life, if you choose to. The choice is yours.