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How to get noticed as a DJ: 6 mindstyle tips and practical advice from music industry experts

One of the most frequently asked questions by DJs and producers in my practice is: How do I get more and better (paid) DJ gigs?

Talent isn't the only important thing to factor in when it comes to getting noticed and getting booked for a gig. It starts with a healthy, self-empowering mindstyle - having a clear vision of where you want to go and why so that you know how to put your well-being first, have the right mindset to navigate the pitfalls in a high-pressure environment and ensure longevity for your career and work relationships.

And, there’s more! There are a variety of ways for undiscovered DJs to get noticed by the right people. Hear what industry experts across different roles and from various companies, like Warner Records, Reform Radio and Disco Donnie Presents have to say and get cracking.

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