Women Trust Their Struggle In Music On Mind The Music Radio In Honour of Women's Day

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Who is still on the International Women’s Day train? Celebrating the achievements of women around the world should be done every day.

 Because fact: Women are still greatly underrepresented in the music industry. And fact. 71.1% of musicians (in the UK) suffer from anxiety.

 (Help Musicians UK 2016)

How do you cope with anxiety caused by the struggles you have in music and in life?

For the occasion of Women’s Day, this month’s episode of Mind The Music has 2 amazingly talented, strong women talk about their struggles in music.

 Struggles like the comparison hangover, being a mom and breaking through the glass ceiling in this male-dominated, whimsical, high-pressured environment are just a few of the topics that are being discussed. 

2 women, both from very different backgrounds, at various stages in life and worlds apart, seem to have more in common than you would think.

 The host of the show, Eline, uses her strengths as a coach and takes them through a short, 20-minute coaching enlightening live talk to help them get clarity and inspire the confidence they need to keep going.

If you want to get a feel of what that’s like, hit the button below for a snippet of that conversation.

Not only are they sharing their struggles - which is magic and inspirational in itself, they also share tunes made by women. This is a unique opportunity to get real and give women the floor and full airplay.

If you’re extra excited to hear those kickass tunes and if you want to know what intensive listening, empathy, connectedness and restorative insight can for someone in only 20-minutes time, then you listen back to this show and see for yourself!

(The show originally aired live on Sunday, March 17 at 11AM to 12PM GMT on Reform Radio)

About the show’s guests

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Angel Mel must be one of the most intelligent, self-aware humans I’ve ever encountered. As a DJ, she has a distinct signature taste, unwavering creativity, and clear focus, and that reflects in her sets. She is a true DJ selector music weaver. Hear what she has to share!

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Leanna Primiani aka Anasia is a producer, composer, and vocalist, in addition to her film and recording works. As a conductor, Primiani’s vast repertoire ranges from standard symphonic and operatic works to new masterpieces and cutting-edge music of the 20th and 21st-centuries. This wonderful human is wearing money hats. Discover it all on the show now.

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