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Radio can contribute to the narrative of artist well-being in a positive way. For those of you who still believe that mental health in music is not an issue, you need to wake the f* up.

According to a survey conducted by Health Musicians UK (2016), irrespective of genre, musicians in the UK are suffering from anxiety and depression in huge numbers. 71.1% of all respondents admitted to having suffered from panic attacks and/or high levels of anxiety, and 68.5% suggested they had suffered from depression. That’s a LOT! Imagine what that looks like on a global scale!

Mental health in the music industry is a REAL problem.

The topic of mental health in the electronic scene became more prominent about 2-3 years ago, when artists like Benga and Ben Pearce - bless their hearts, started to speak up about their mental health struggles. Some of us were watching this big moment with high hopes - feeling like finally our voices were heard when it comes to breaking taboos and stressing the importance of mental health support for artists. It felt like a turning point and more big things started to happen. In the documentary “Why We DJ - Slaves To The Rhythm”, big names like B.Traits, Pete Tong, Carl Cox and Seth Troxler shared their struggles with their turbulent, yet interesting lifestyle.

The topic of health versus hedonism has been widely discussed by many during panels at music conferences across the globe ever since and Mind State, a retreat for DJs and producers emerged, taking place right before IMS Ibiza. Still, needing a break from it all seems to come with a lot of criticism. The best example being the late Avicii, who clearly could no longer deal with the pressures of his success and his appeal for support was met with a huge lack of understanding.

How is it that music has such a healing effect on all of us and still can bring so much emotional pressure? More importantly, what can we do to cope with said pressure?

What better way to hear from artists themselves and suggest a variety of tools you can explore that can help you cope with your struggles. This show offers an exploration of all those things as experienced and discovered by your host, Eline, who spoke to people both within the music industry and on the outskirts of it. Her guests also handpicked the music played on each show to enhance their story with tunes that had a profound effect on them personally.

Radio can contribute to artist well-being

Radio is all about storytelling, developing a narrative that people can relate to and inspire to take positive action. It has the power to provide a safe space where you can cope with your feelings without the fear of being exposed before you’re ready and without running the risk of being criticized. This is beneficial, not only to your mental health, but also in terms of the costs and taboos that come with suffering from a mental illness.

And that’s exactly what Mind The Music wants to achieve. It will air monthly on Reform Radio and will explore different angles and practical ways to support your well-being. So hopefully, this show can inspire you, sooth you and support you. All you have to do, is sit back, let your subconscious mind take it all in, and Mind The Music.

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