Why Brynne Larson, Teen Exorcist and Russell Kleinbach, Bride Kidnapping Expert are NOT our ideal customers.

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Who do we serve? And why? And equally as important, why are Brynne Larson, Teenage Exorcist and Russell Kleinbach, Bride Kidnapping Expert NOT our target audience? Perhaps you're interested in buying our services or you’re figuring out the target audience for your business. Then this might be helpful!

Who do we have on our ship? Discover our target audience!

If you run a business, it’s important to know who you want to sell your services or products to. In an ideal world, you’d target everyone, but that’s just being delusional. It's impossible to be everything to everyone. Now, before you fall off your unicorn, let’s get into why it's important to know who your ideal client is, and who isn't.

Primary versus secondary audience

At The Unicorn Mothership, we aim to help people in the music and startup world advance their life and their business by offering transmedia storytelling and marketing services within a framework of holistic, personal coaching.

Because we are passionate about both the music and the startup industry, we’ve divided our target audience into a primary and secondary group.

Our primary group consists of artists, DJs, producers and bands who already have a solid experience of 2 to 10 years in the music industry, who are quite successful and earning between 3 and 4 figures per gig. They are living an irregular lifestyle and need personal/life coaching to build resilience and safeguard their (mental) health in an ever-changing, competitive environment. Topics like the poverty trap, work/life balance and ways to build resilience are things we cover. We got really specific and creative with our analysis and defined a few avatars within this group (see below).

Our secondary group are music industry professionals - like artist and label managers, agents, bookers, who could use a coach on their team to support them with situations that go beyond their day-to-day tasks. They are looking for coaching and marketing consultancy services.

Meet “SLM” and “HRTD”: a couple of examples

Let's have a closer look at our primary audience. To really get to know them better, we named them after people we know. Below are 2 examples.

“SLM” is a male solo artist (singer + producer), 21 years old, just got signed to a label as part of a trio, touring through Europe regularly, exposed to this lifestyle for the first time, still figuring out what he wants in life and looking to build resilience throughout all of this.

“HRTD” is a male electronica producer, 28 years old, with about 10 years of experience in the biz. He also has a day job to sustain himself but wants to transition into a full-time music career. He performs live sets with a variety of analogue gear that requires high-quality sound systems. Contact with his public is important so he likes to play close to it. He's balancing his day job with playing gigs/touring. He needs to build resilience in order to find this balance and also find enough time to let his creativity flow.

And these are just a few of their characteristics! Even though “SLM” and “HRTD” may seem similar, there are still vital differences between their needs.

So there you go! It's clear why our ‘mane’ audience is not the teen exorcists or bride kidnapping experts of this world. Now that you’ve discovered who travels with us, it should be clear if you fit into our herd or not.
Or, if you’re setting up your own business, and you’re still figuring out your target audience, then we hope this can inspire you to create your ideal client avatar.

Nailing your own client avatar: a few useful pointers

Whether you’re a small startup, freelancer or coach, it’s important to know who you want to serve. Ask yourself, who is my ideal customer? To help you along, we've listed a few useful questions to identify your target group. Once you’ve narrowed it down, it’ll become so much easier to create content that resonates with the right people. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone.

Who is your ideal client? A few questions you can ask yourself:

- Are they male, female or both?
- How old are they? (age group)
- What does their daily life look like? (job, education, unemployed, family, relationship status, …)
- What are their dreams/aspirations?
- Short-term and long-term goals?

- What are they passionate about? (look at what blogs they read, hobbies they have, …)
- What do they struggle with? What do they need? (the closer this is to your own life’s experiences, the better you’ll be able to meet those needs!)

Do you fit in? Check out how we help you with our custom-made packages!

Perhaps you’ve discovered you’re either part of our primary or secondary target group. In any case, we offer service packages adjusted to each of these and the great thing is, all our packages are customisable! For example, “Pegasus” is a smaller package designed for our secondary target audience. It has a little bit of everything to get a taste of what we do. Say, you want to give your business a quick nudge or you're just looking to be consulted on some basic marketing ideas and strategies, then Pegasus is perfect for you.

Keen on trying our services but still not sure if you fit in? Do you want more information on our price packages? Book your free intake now!

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