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Is it clouded up there? Are you feeling in limbo? You're working hard but unsure if you'll ever achieve your goals? You can figure all of that out with coaching!

We believe that highly competitive environments like the music industry need support systems for mental health issues and safe spaces for personal and creative development. We provide holistic (certified) coaching for DJs, producers and we believe label and artist managers, bookers etc. can also benefit greatly from coaching, in order to iron out issues if and when needed with the people they work with or just to become more secure in their daily operations.

The thing is, we put your well-being first and help you build more confidence, self-esteem, resilience and strength so you can live a full life. We help you find balance both in music and in life.

If you're not entirely sure this is for you, no worries. You get a try-out for free! This is to make sure that coaching is for you and if you are a right fit for us! Because after all, you deserve the best help you can get. After that, you can decide whether or not you want to continue.

So giddy up and book your first sesh!

Why Brynne Larson, Teen Exorcist and Russell Kleinbach, Bride Kidnapping Expert are NOT our ideal customers.

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