Join The Peacock Muster, our brand new colourful coaching community!

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Why The Peacock Muster?

Are you new to coaching? Are you looking for a diverse, colorful network to support you? Do you want to provide an even better service by referring a client to another professional? Join our global community of coaches and health care professionals to share ideas, develop skills through collaborative analysis and build a strong network.

This coaching community is for coaches and aspiring coaches in the music and entertainment industry looking for a network support system to develop their skills and/or having difficulties to find support/guidance due to a lack in resources, challenging background, etc. The aim is to build a strong network of mental health professionals alike to fall back on in case you need referrals for a client.

What's in a name?

Peacocks are known to come in different colours and a group of peacocks is called a muster. #TPM brings together coaches from different backgrounds, from all over the world and from all walks of life. Easy.

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