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first-aid coaching

A flexible, first-aid solution to support your well-being.


Need Instant support to troubleshoot acute issues?

You are touring (or about to) and being on the road can cause a lot of anxiety - anxiety to perform, to travel, to spend a lot of time alone with your thoughts and loneliness. You’re going from hotel room to plane to next gig and getting little sleep. It can be really depressing.
You need comforting human contact and someone who’ll encourage you to take a mindful break whenever you need it, without the fear of being criticized for it.

You’re facing a period with a lot of studio time. The pressure to deliver can be high, let alone trying to stay top of mind so that you can stay relevant. Your career depends on it. 
You can use support from someone who can help you understand which limiting beliefs are blocking your creativity so that you can finish your work with confidence and be happy with the results.

You have an irregular schedule, juggling different things and struggling to balance your music and your life. The feeling that you never really have enough time - for your family, for sleep, for your day job, for your music, for your kids, for me-time, can result in anxiety and stress.
You want quick access to tools to set priorities and define goals so that you can live stress-free.

If you’re like …

Or more like …

Then surely you can benefit from instant access to personal coaching!

Learn coping techniques for anxiety and depression in 1 hour.

It’s totally possible. Ok, let’s be honest, even though this is The Unicorn Mothership, and your captain is skilled and highly devoted, she can’t work magic. A full coaching journey offers a more valuable, in-depth approach.

But, there’s a lot we can accomplish in just 1 hour, for example:

  • You will be asked focused, specific questions to help you get to the root of your anxiety issue and we’ll decide together what the best solution can be for you.

  • You’ll learn a simple technique that will invoke a relaxation response so that you can get your breathing under control and find your calm, wherever, whenever!

  • You’ll learn how you can stay present and stay grounded so that you can enjoy your performance even more!

  • Basically, whatever you’re struggling with, we’ll find the smallest intervention that can have the biggest effect right now so that you can get the clarity you deserve right away.

So, do you really need a personal coaching session?

Well that depends. Do you really need confidence, resilience, relaxation?
Do you really need to feel like Dale Cooper here?

If you’re here, then something must be holding you back and you care about yourself enough to find out WHAT it is so that you can release those blocks.

Many of you want support for your well-being but you’re not able or ready to invest in a complete coaching journey just yet.

Maybe you’ve never done this before and you just want to go for a test flight.

Maybe your schedule is so hectic and irregular that you can’t commit to scheduling in a well-planned out coaching journey right now.

That does not mean you should not get access to coaching or that there are no suitable options for you.

There is a way to get the support you want.

Your captain is offering a flexible, first-aid solution to support your well-being.

What does this solution look like?

We’ll jump on a 1 hour video call and troubleshoot any sudden or acute issue that’s holding you back right now. We’ll cover as much as we can in 1 hour.

(If I’d happen to be in the same area, I’ll let you know so that we can meet face2face should you prefer.)

How do I book my session?

  • After you pay, you’ll receive a link to a calendar. Choose your date and time and hit submit!

  • You’ll receive a confirmation of your appointment with a link to a tool called ZOOM. If you don’t have this installed yet, you might want to do that ahead of our session.

  • Should I be in the area and it’s possible for us to meet up face2face, then I’ll let you know.

What will I invest?

You have TWO options.

  1. Alicorn 1 flight - 1 session to be taken up within 3 weeks after booking

    = 197 euro

  2. Alicorn 3-in-a-row - a bundle of 3 sessions to be used up within 3 months after booking

    = 569 euro (that’s 189 euro per session!)

Here’s what one of the Ship’s passengers had to say…

I was looking to find balance and rhythm in my music-making process. I enjoyed the way you integrate guided mediations into the practice of becoming more confident in my abilities. It’s helped me to incorporate more grounding practices prior to making music.
I appreciate your wisdom, patience and willingness to understand my particular needs as a musician. It is helpful to have a guide and someone who understands the particular pressures of the music industry.
— — Dyani Douze, DJ/Producer

Eline Van Audenaerde, personal coach

Who is your captain?

Are you afraid you’re not good enough? Are you being held back by limiting beliefs and don't know what they are? Are you not able to balance your music career and your life in general?

Shaping a vision for your life and career in music is a lot of pressure to handle. Especially if you’re trying to figure it out alone.

I understand where you're coming from! My life got better once I invested in support. You see, I walk my talk.