Hi! I'm Eline, the captain of this ship
and this is how I created my own mindstyle.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you take yourself with you.

As a self-made music industry professional and entrepreneur, I believe in the undeniable compatibility of music and living holistically, hence my tagline "Music | Mindstyle".

After finishing my studies in Eastern Languages and Cultures and exploring the world of traditional witchcraft, I've always striven to create my own mindstyle - my chosen set of mindful attitudes and consistent mindset habits. As it turns out, it kept me from going “mental”.


I worked in the corporate world for a while and I gained experience in music streaming, artist and label management, radio production, PR and communication on the side.

I had been observing the music industry mostly from the sidelines for more than a decade and felt that there was some type of support missing for artists.

I noticed that most artist managers, bookers, promoters, labels didn't look at an artist holistically - as a whole person with many facets, but just looked at part of that person, that part being, the music career and what they can get out of it business-wise. Obviously that’s part of the job and in no means is this meant as criticism.

But I did start to wonder if there was anybody actually focused on artist well-being.

If a person gets stuck in their music, experiences creative blocks, suffers from (performance) anxiety or loneliness, there’s usually a few underlying factors at play. A person is more just a sum of their parts. We take ourselves with us wherever we go and  whatever we do!

I decided I wanted to help but I didn't know how yet. It took me a few years to figure out my motivation behind this strong urge. And I wasn't sure yet what I wanted to do and how I could help.


I love music and can't get enough of it. But at some point, I got sucked into the hedonistic lifestyle myself.

I was struggling with my own mental health issues - coping with the effects abuse, poverty and other childhood traumas, not to mention severe depression and exhaustion - I almost lost my mind, literally. It took me 6 months of therapy to restore the trust in my own mind. After that, the next struggle came knocking. I was hustling to make ends meet, got into deep deep financial shit and trying to give shape to my own story. I was trying to understand my motivation, my purpose, my calling.

So I consulted with a life coach for over a year and participated in Hearth Intelligence Circle Days. I read all the self-help books I possibly needed. After a few years of hard self-help work and a year-long intensive coaching training, I found my calling.

I finally understood WHY I wanted to coach DJs and producers.

I've made it my mission to help DJs and producers to find balance in music and in life and to help them form a vision for their story in the music industry. I do this through my fascination for transmedia storytelling and my training in personal and transpersonal coaching.

I've been trained by Joost Vanhove, within the framework of a unique worldview model called "PAVA", that he developed over the course of 25 years.
My training in traditional witchcraft brings a little extra magic to the mix, which has deepened my understanding of spirituality, the gifts of nature and the connection between mind, body and the soul’s purpose.

Furthermore, I’m devoting every day to a lesson from “A Course In Miracles”, to continue to learn more about my perception of the world, acceptance and forgiveness.

You can also hear me speak about women in music, women entrepreneurs and mental health. I do this through my role as the Community Director of shesaid.so Belgium, the Belgian chapter of shesaid.so, a collaborative network of women who strive for equality and diversity in the music industry.

Having a support network is incredibly empowering! This is why I created my own coaching community, The Peacock Muster.


My coaching community focuses on artist well-being by providing a supportive network with free resources to help you on your mindstyle journey.

It is meant for DJs/producers from different backgrounds and aimed at providing support for artist well-being through free resources, webinars and collaborative mutual support from one another.

This is why I created my services from a mindset of value for value. And a lot of personal experience and effort has gone into them. I like to use the smallest intervention that will bring forth the biggest change for you.
There's nothing that I offer, that I haven't done myself or that I'm still doing on a daily basis, like guided meditations, visualization exercises and practical step-by-step mindfulness homework. I just want you to fully experience your investment and I'm offering a lot of free goodies too :)


You can get this quick and easy grounding meditation called 'Ready, Steady, Roots!' for free in your inbox as soon as you subscribe here!

As you can see, I walk my talk!
Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Let me help you tell yours! Just hop on board if you need an extra push in YOUR direction!
All sorts of creatures welcome.

Love & friendship,


Why #TUM?

It started out as a blog on Facebook, an outlet for my daily shenanigans, using the character of the captain of a spaceship as an alias. The blog was a safe space to develop ideas and learn new things, experiment with different story lines and scenarios and find a voice. But more importantly, by creating a made-up character and describing my struggles in a humorist way, I slowly started to heal myself. It was an escape to regroup and strategize and above all, a place to build self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness skills and resilience in a mission to lead a holistic lifestyle.

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Over time all these values were transformed into a business. I combined my experience in marketing, storytelling, community management, social media and above all, my different roles in the music industry and brought them together on The Unicorn Mothership. Stemming from the core belief that everyone wants to live a happy, meaningful life, #TUM now helps DJs and producers to find balance in music and in life and to help them form a vision for their story in the music industry.

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