Eline Van Audenaerde, Founder

As a self-made entrepreneur and music aficionado, I believe in the undeniable compatibility of music and technology and living holistically. And so I work on the intersection between music, marketing and mindfulness, hence the tagline "Music - Media - Mindstyle".

I believe everyone wants to lead a full, meaningful life. In order to do that, we need to put our well-being first and create a safe space to build and grow values like self-esteem, resilience and strength, so we can achieve anything we want in life.
I've made it my mission to help music industry professionals realize their professional and personal goals through a mindstyle approach. Thanks to my experience working with startups and brands, I can work cross-sector and get really creative.

You can also hear me speak regularly about women in music, women entrepreneurs and mental health.

This is my story. Let me know if I can help you tell yours. Don't hesitate to hop on board my ship for an extra push in YOUR direction! All sorts of creatures welcome.

Love & friendship,




Why #TUM?

It started out as a blog, an outlet for my daily shenanigans, using the character of the captain of a spaceship as an alias. The blog was a safe space to develop ideas and learn new things, experiment with different storylines and scenarios and find a voice. It was an escape to regroup and strategize and above all, a place to build self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness skills and resilience in a mission to lead a holistic lifestyle.

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Over time all these values were transformed into a business. Stemming from the core belief that everyone wants to live a happy, meaningful life, #TUM now helps DJs, producers, artists and music industry professionals realize their professional and personal goals by offering holistic coaching and marketing services from a mindfulness perspective and with unicorn spirit. Hence the tagline “Music/Media/Mindstyle”.

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