1:1 Coaching


A personal, customised approach within a preset time period.


Dive deeper into creating and sustaining your own unique self-empowered mindstyle in music with one of my holistic coaching services.

This is for you if you like a personal, customised approach and someone who helps you to dig deep within a preset time period. You need closer guidance to help you to create your own mindstyle. After that, you’ve got all the self-help tools you need to fly solo and feel more equipped to make conscious decisions for your life and your career.

Have you ever ...

... needed a drink (or two) to take the edge off right before a set?

… felt that you’re gigging so much that it’s having a negative effect on your relationship(s)? You’re becoming less thoughtful towards your loved ones.

… thought that your technical skills are not good enough, so you don’t let other people listen to your work until it has reached “that” level?

… felt that you’re lacking reliable support? Friends have biased opinions and you need an objective third party to open up to.

… felt like you don’t know where your music is going and need clarity for yourself and your career?

… experienced days juggling to balance a day job, find enough time and to work on your music and having enough money? You’d like to find more/better/paid gigs.

Here’s what some of my passengers had to say

After working with me, you’ll ...

… feel in control, go in acceptance and let go of bad habits that don’t serve you.

… feel uplifted and motivated to face things head on with a much clearer mind.

… have the confidence to say, ‘I can totally handle this!’

… be able to understand the way you think.

… get clear on what you need to do.

… learn new habits and find stuff that sticks with you, the changes and transformation will be completely sustainable and long-lasting.

Whether you’re completely new to holistic coaching or already have been supported on your mindstyle journey, you can join me wherever you are. There are different options available - according to what you need and why you need it.
Discover them below.

2 options are available: First-aid help with Alicorn and deep-dive transformation with Trojan Horse.

First-aid support(1).png

First-Aid Support

(Easy, flexible and quick)


  • Alicorn 1 Flight: 1 session of 90 minutes to be taken up within 2 weeks after signing up - 229 euro

  • Alicorn Happy Hour: A bundle of 2 60-minute sessions + a 20-minute checkin call as a bonus to be used up within 4 weeks after signing up - 449 euro

This is for you if:
You want to discover coaching or just need a pep-talk to troubleshoot some acute issues, you want to course correct a few things or your irregular schedule doesn’t permit to commit to a full coaching journey. Just book a one-off coaching sesh and lift off immediately. Read more here!

NOTE: Places per month and limited! If you can’t sign up immediately, either get your name on the waitlist or email captain@theunicornmothership.com for more info.



Deep-Dive Transformation

(Party Time!)


A 3-month coaching program including (but not limited to): 6 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions (through a video call or in person depending on location), 6 20-minute check-in calls in between each session, 1 FREE 30-minute intake session and 1 FREE 60-minute session 1 month after we finish our work together, a written wrap-up after each coaching session with customised assignments, actionable tools and resources fully adjusted to your personal needs, unlimited additional support by email during office hours - 1 999 euro in full or 670 euro per month.

This is for you if:
You’re looking to party with personal development and sprinkle it around like a virus that you’ll never get rid off, in a good way :) If you need continuous, intensive and high-level 1:1 coaching support completely catered to your needs with actionable to-do’s and an accountability partner checking in on you regularly to help keep you on track.

NOTE: Spots for Trojan Horse open up twice a year - email captain@theunicornmothership.com for more info.